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Nov 28, 2016

In our latest installment of "The Afterparty", we discuss The 2016 Soul Train Awards. Who had the best performance? What were the big surprises? And was that a lace front that Aaron Hall had on?

Nov 24, 2016

In this edition of "The Afterparty," we gather to discuss Barry Jenkins' critically acclaimed movie "Moonlight." Did it live up to the hype? Would we recommend it? Also, Nick thinks a cast member resembles 50 Cent, and Alex is willing to pay for a good time.

Nov 16, 2016

Every revolution has a catalyst, and in this episode we chop it up with Ronnie Man Hatcher of New Era Chicago to discuss his decision to spearhead his own in the notorious streets of Chicago. He breaks down his movement, his vision, and his refusal to apologize for uplifting his people by any means necessary....

Nov 10, 2016

In this installment of The Afterparty, we discuss the importance of Veterans Day to us as military veterans, how we celebrate both ourselves and our fellow soldiers, and how we reconcile fighting for the same country that often mistreats and oppresses us.