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Dec 18, 2018

On 12/13, Jay organized a massive event in Los Angeles celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of people of color within the podcasting medium. It was a night of food, fun, and fellowship as podcasters of color throughout Los Angeles and beyond came together to lay the groundwork for the much needed wholesale changes necessary to achieve equitable treatment within the podcasting industry.

This episode is a live recording from that event, specifically the panel portion featuring some of the most important figures within the podcast medium--each of whom just so happens to be a person of color: Stitcher senior producer John Asante, Sam Sanders of NPR's "It's Been A Minute", Paulina Lopez of the incredibly successful "Super Mamas", and Shaun Lau of "No, Totally!" 

This event was presented by Extraordinary Ideas and SimpleCast, and sponsored by TableCakes Productions, Wavve, RadioPublic, SquadCast, Heil Sound, She Podcasts, Bullhorn.FM, and FullCast.  

Partners for this event include AudioBoom, TuneIn, Inner-City Arts, De Mi Alma Productions, and Comfort LA. 

Music provided by Yondo.